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The ACT MediaLIF™ procedure provides surgeons with an Anatomy-Conserving posterior midline approach designed to reduce the incision length, dissection, and retraction requirements associated with traditional open posterior spinal procedures. The innovative ACT MediaLIF procedure combines the features of the Fortress™ Pedicular Fixation System, Medius™ Midline Retractor System, Rampart™ Interbody Fusion Systems and Incite™ Allografts for a complete, anatomy-conserving, posterior solution. The ACT MediaLIF procedure provides:

Excellent decompressive access
  • Direct visualization of neural elements
  • Ability to address bilateral pathology
Anatomy conservation
  • Unique screw trajectory reduces incision size
  • Placement of interbody device and fixation through laminectomy-sized incision
  • Decreases morbidity compared to traditional open surgery
  • May reduce recovery time compared to traditional open surgery
Enhanced stabilization quality
  • Interbody device placement provides excellent anterior column support
  • A divergent, corticocancellous screw trajectory engages more dense cortical bone
Accommodation of TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) and PLIF (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) approaches
Increases procedural efficiency

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